Murray Earl Phillips

Date of birth and death

Born June 1944. Died March 1, 2018


Allegations from multiple women about sexual misconduct, including rape, while serving as an instructor at Columbia Bible College where he taught for 17 years. Although the Canadian crown counsel elects not to conduct a further investigation, a police record of “alleged sexual assault” now exists should anyone else report to police or inquire about Phillips’s past.

Phillips died in Abbotsford, British Columbia on March 1, 2018 from a brain tumor. His obituary was apparently posted by Woodlawn Funeral Homes, but then removed for unknown reasons.

Church-related positions held

  • Former instructor at Columbia Bible College in Clearbrook, British Columbia.

Current employment/location (as of 2018)

  • Self-employed artist, formerly lived in Langley, British Columbia now living in Sechelt, BC.
  • Attends The Church at Southpoint in Surrey, BC, Canada.


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