John Paul Sommer

Date of birth

April 18, 1946


Long time overseas missions worker dismissed after complaints of sexual “advances” brought by numerous women over many years. The Commission on Overseas Mission staff and executive committee were aware of complaints against Sommer in March of 1992 but were “assured by him that his behavior had been adequately addressed years earlier and was not currently a problem.” This proved not to be true.

Church-related positions held

  • Worked for over 22 years (1970-1992) in various capacities for Commission on Overseas Mission (COM), part of General Conference Mennonite Church, including as COM secretary for Asia and on assignment at the Japan Anabaptist Center in Tokyo
  • Mennonite Mutual Aid (now Everence) – Certified Senior Advisor

Current employment/location

  • As of 2018, living in Newton, Kansas, and attending First Mennonite Church

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