James Dunn

Date of birth

app. 1942


Admitted to sexually abusive relationship with pastoral counseling client from 1974-1977 (dates according to Dunn’s own statement). Ministerial credentials suspended by Western District Conference (General Conference Mennonite Church) in 1992. Credentials reinstated in 1996.

Church-related positions held

  • Pastor, First Mennonite Church of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois (1970s);
  • Director of church relations and campus pastor at Bethel College, North Newton, KS (early 1980s);
  • Pastor, First Mennonite Church in Newton, KS (1989-1992);
  • Western District Conference Moderator (resigned 1992);
  • Pastor, Alexanderwohl Mennonite Church in Goessel, KS (1997-2004);
  • Burton Mennonite Church in Burrton, KS (2004-2014)

Current employment/location (as of 2016)

  • Hesston, KS. In nursing home care.


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