How you can help us

Please contact us at or 540-214-8874 if you are interested in participating in any of the following ways:

Research church workers

Join other volunteers tracking the whereabouts, positions, job titles, and service assignments of accused church workers. It is common for offenders who are accused in one community to be allowed to quietly slip unannounced into another unsuspecting community and abuse again. The abuser may find a remote international mission assignment as a way to leave behind their past and find a new crop of easy victims and soft targets. The whereabouts and job titles of any leaders who have been accused of abuse is important information to have in our possession.  We need not reveal to the public who you are.

Become a correspondent

In order to continue the MAP List we will  need to build a network of correspondents with interest and knowledge to keep us apprised of developments at the regional and conference level of Anabaptist Mennonite denominations and to send us that documentation. Let us know if you would like to cover your conference or region by sending us news of survivors, offenders, affected congregations, conferences and important related events. We need not reveal to the public who you are.

Work on the website

We have documentation that will make it possible to post additional offenders, but lack the volunteers to keep up with the detailed technical task of posting them. Bring your experience and skill on the WordPress platform and the Divi template to help create additional posts, and maintain the website. We need not reveal to the public who you are.

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