Without the invaluable help and support of those named below,
the MAP list would not have come to be.



Dr. Carolyn Heggen was among the first to break the silence and speak out publicly concerning the Mennonite abuse crisis. From her experience as a mental health professional among Mennonites she wrote her landmark book Sexual Abuse in Christian Homes and Churches. The book led to a lecture-drama tour to Mennonite colleges with Barbra Graber and Theater AKIMBO in 1992 as well as a video Beyond the News: Sexual Abuse produced by Jerry Holsopple in 1993.

The pioneering advocacy work, resources, and wealth of writings offered by Dr. Ruth Krall contribute profound and comprehensive analysis of the Anabaptist Mennonite sexual abuse crisis. Most notable, for purposes of this website, is her online book “The Elephants in God’s Living Room” published as a free downloadable book in 2013.

SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by, and their leaders each continue to lead by example, offer consult, and permit us to adapt ideas and content from their websites.

Well known and relentless survivor advocates, victim-attorneys Jeff Anderson and Mitchell Garabedian, held a SNAP conference workshop attended by MAP List director Barbra Graber in 2013. They encouraged her to begin naming names from a file of reported perpetrators she and other Mennonites had been collecting through decades of survivor advocacy.  “Remember, you’ve got the power, not those who abused you,” Graber remembers Garabedian saying to a room full of (mostly Catholic) survivors.

Former SNAP Executive Director David Clohessy, SNAP Founder and former President Barbara Blaine (may she rest in peace), and  SNAP Executive Director Barbara Dorris have been inspiring mentors. Their generosity of time, knowledge, and encouragement opened up new worlds of possibility for Mennonite survivors.

Stephanie Krehbiel and Tim Nafziger played important volunteer roles in the creation, launch and first year’s operation of the MAP List. Nafziger offered content consultation and web development assistance for the MAP List’s first version, launched on’s website in April of 2016. With Graber’s assistance, Krehbiel volunteered innumerable hours administering the site, conducting research, collecting and formatting documents, writing content and posting names to the list.

Graber created and re-launched The MAP List on it’s own secure, and independent WordPress platform/Divi template in January 2018. Mary Mae Schwartzentruber, Cadie Gilman, and Layne Wyse volunteered their time to offer consult and help with editing content, as did Melanie Sakoda, Tim Lennon, Karen Zehr, Lisa Schirch and Elsie K. Neufeld.

THANK YOU, finally, to all those known and unknown friends, supporters and fellow survivors in both local and online communities who have, both anonymously and by name, offered words of encouragement, prayers, and monetary gifts.Thank you also to those who have  donated files from past cases and generally kept us believing in the MAP List’s value and possibility for the future.


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